7 Reasons why you should refresh your website

In today’s economy, refreshing your website might be lower down on your priorities as a businessman or woman. However it is exactly because of this, that you may need to consider giving your website an update, and this is why.

1 – Old design’s just don’t sell

When your website was first constructed, it probably had top of the line features, one of the newest designs of the time. However the world of website design is constantly changing, and if you want to continue to attract organic traffic that generates leads and sustains interest in your products and services, you need to keep an eye on the competition. Not updating your website, keeping an eye on the latest features or integrations that makes your user experience more friendly will drive away customers. 

2 – Security

Older websites can become more prone to hacking attempts if left unchecked. If updates are not performed on plug-ins, this can make it easier for hackers to take control of your website. This can give them control over any online shop you may have, access to your funds, and (potentially even worse) your customers financial details. We work with a partner agency to detect leaks of business critical information, reach out to us today if you have noticed any suspicious activity. 

3 – SEO & Google updates

As more and more websites emerge onto the internet, simply having a website is not enough to rank on page one unless you have a very specific niche that simply isn’t covered by other businesses. SEO experts will be able to advise you on how page one websites have managed to maintain their position rankings, how long a keyword has been embedded for, whether they use purely organic marketing, paid advertisement or a combination of the two. Further, Google’s latest update now will help content designed for people to rank higher as opposed to high keyword density webpages and blogs.

4 – Mobile optimisation

Another aspect of SEO is how quickly your website loads on mobile devices and tablets. As most people tend to shop, view websites or use social media on mobile devices your website needs to be optimised for mobiles. Many web hosting services allow you to cater content, or only display a certain amount to help reduce your website loading time. As Google advises that the average time for a website loading speed on mobile is 2 minutes, you optimally need to be below this or risk losing your prospective clients interest. This can significantly improve your retention rate, reduce your bounce rate, and demonstrate to search engines that you have a credible website worth ranking highly. 

5 – Calls to action (CTA’s)

Ideally every webpage on your website will have 3 calls to action, or at the very least, links to other parts of your website. Doing so improves your chances of a conversion significantly. This also assists with indexing in SEO, as every webpage should be accessible within 3 clicks. You can look at your website’s sitemap to identify which pages require more points of access. 

6 – Your business may have evolved

Particularly if you have narrowed down your specialism, or now offer more products and services. There is nothing more frustrating than approaching a potential provider to find they no longer provide the services you require or have products out of stock after you have placed an order because you didn’t bother to update your inventory. This can create the impression you are unorganised, ill-prepared or at the very worst, that you don’t care. 

7 – You’re missing out on key integrations

Many website hosts now have integrations such as pixels for Meta which can analyse which orders come from Social advertising. This can help you work on which content produces the best conversion rates for your business if you use paid or organic advertising. You can also take advantage of plugins such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo which allow you to build automated email marketing campaigns, so you can concentrate on what really matters, your business.

Are you looking to refresh your website? We’re here to help.

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