Hippie Turtle Herbal Co

Key features:

  • Industry Research
  • Website Redesign
  • Functionality testing
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • SEO
  • Website Design
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

About the Client

Hippie Turtle Herbal Co (HTHC) is a provider of natural and healthy CBD products. CBD products can be incredibly difficult to navigate in terms of advertising due to different legislation both in the UK and internationally so the scale of work required a website redesign, the design of an additional website as a landing page in order to navigate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines as well as functionality testing on the existing site and their analytics set up to prepare both ready for Ad Campaigns. Several areas needed rectification including ensuring products synced successfully to the homepage and shop, creating social proof and a new email marketing set up and embedding this into the site, ensuring QR codes synchronised successfully and making visual changes. Aside from this, new pages were added such as the FAQ’s and supplement ingredient list. Once this had been prepared, we embarked on Ad Campaigns across Google and Meta, as well as creating guides to Pinterest and TikTok Ads before finally providing SEO support.