How to create an Email Newsletter that converts 2023

So you’ve probably heard all across digital marketing techniques the importance of creating an email newsletter, and you’re looking for ways to make your newsletter convert. You’ve come to the right place. Here are all the tips you need to create an email newsletter that communicates what your brand does, informs and entertains your readers, and convert them into paying clients. 

Create a newsletter your audience wants or needs to read

How many times do you scroll past emails from a company you’d really just wish you never subscribed to in the first place? The best businesses create an email newsletter that does one or more of the following:

  • Is entertaining
  • Tells a story readers will want to hear
  • Offers value – in either the knowledge you impart or discounts on products or services

Create subject lines you would want to open

You need a good hook. You have just milliseconds to make an impression in your reader’s inbox so your subject line needs to immediately grab their attention and make them curious enough to click through. You could even personalise the subject to include your subscribers name using code.

Be engaging with your content

The aim of any good email newsletter is to get your subscribers to view a website page where hopefully they will perform an action or follow a set funnel. To this end, your content in the email needs to be enticing enough to facilitate this. Use visually striking images, succinct engaging text that your reader will want to read, not what you think sounds good.

Include at least 3 CTA’s

Once you’ve convinced your subscriber that they need to click through to your website, its time to call them to action. Buttons with a link to a particular shop or service page should have the desired effect. You could also create downloadable resources, YouTube links, resources. If you are taking a multi digital marketing approach, this can be a great way to transfer email subscribers into social media followers too!

Create a sense of urgency

You’ve probably noticed from subscribing to other websites that you’ll be messaged with notification of a sale. The content will nearly always end with a countdown timer on how long this offer will last for. The psychology behind this is to motivate your subscribers into taking that action, then and there. If you run a sale without an end, why would your subscribers feel the need to immediately take your calls to action?


Automated journeys are a great way of getting subscribers to follow a set sales funnel or encouraging them to take action. For instance, you can create welcome emails which tell the story of your business, send follow ups to customers with an abandoned shopping cart with discount codes, or re-target previous customers. What you can automate will depend on your choice of email marketing software. You could also create an automated journey of previous content which is a great way of sending traffic to

Don’t bombard your subscriber list

Many digital marketing companies talk of the need to consistently send out content via your newsletter, which… can work. However whilst having reminders for customers who have items left in their basket that may need a bit more persuasion may work for some, it may also alienate your audience or make them apathetic to continuously receive emails. You don’t need to send out content every day unless you are that confident that every single newsletter contains something of such value for your readers, that they need to see this immediately. Which is precisely why when you do send out your newsletters, your audience will be more inclined to read it because they know you craft top content.

Need some help creating an email newsletter that turns your subscribers into paying customers? Start a conversation with us below.

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