Website Design Canterbury

If you require a website design in Canterbury there is a lot you need to know. Website Design is arguably the most important service in digital marketing. You can drive ads to a local business or social media profile, but without a website, that’s about it. This is why getting your website designed or refreshed is so imperative to your business. Most website designers focus on either aesthetics, or functionality. As we specialise in SEO, we can combine both to create a fully optimised, fast, beautiful website tailored to you. With experience in User Experience (UX) we also understand the importance of making your website user friendly, and can advise you on how to build a sales or lead generation funnel from the get go. You may be considering a website build or refresh if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • It’s time to take the next stage as a business, either by commissioning your first website or updating your website to reflect any development in your brand
  • Your website has become slow, outdated, unresponsive or you are receiving reports of SEO issues
  • You are concerned your website may have been exposed to hackers, and are looking for a more secure solution
  • Your website is experiencing a high bounce rate or reduction in website visitors
  • Your website designer is leaving the industry, as you are looking for a new place to host your website, you’re considering an update or refresh at the same time

Choosing to commission or refresh your website is a commitment both in terms of finances and trust. To that end, we ask a lot of questions to ensure we get the scope of your requirements right the first time. We may also recommend a website migration in instances where your previous host has produced sub par work. Here are some features you can expect as standard in a website build or refresh from Ascendant Content:

  • A modern, sleek website, streamlined to ensure maximum website page loading speed
  • A colour theme of your choice that reflects your unique brand identity
  • The most up to date secure protection in terms of hosting, firewalls, email accounts and finances when migrating to our hosting service
  • Advice on a funnel based on whether you are looking to generate sales or leads
  • Social proof concepts in the form of reviews – we will require access to third party services such as Google My Business or help you create this where appropriate
  • SEO in mind from the start. (Please note as SEO is an everchanging industry, we cannot guarantee how long your results will last or immediately high position rankings without an ongoing SEO or digital marketing package)

You can also choose additional features such as email marketing set up, pixels and Google Tags to help track your ad campaigns and so much more. To this end, we cannot provide a one size fits all quote as each business is unique and has differing requirements. If you’d like to start a non obligatory conversation, you can contact us below.