So you’ve chosen your social media platforms, what now?

So you’ve chosen your social media platforms, now what?

As a follow on to ‘So I have a business, what social media should I use?’ We’ve created some handy tips to grow your online presence. Check it out below!

This makes the process a lot easier. If you do not have one already, create a logo. Your logo is the symbol of everything that your brand stands for. Logos ‘should’ incorporate the 5 elements of branding, if you are unfamiliar with this, it refers to what you can trigger using the senses and emotionally with what your logo represents. Of course ensuring that your logo is resized to accommodate the different dimensions of social media platforms profile pictures also ensures that you come across as professional.

2 – Create relatable content

Is a holiday nearing? Do you have a themed product that you can advertise for it? Do you have an experience that you can talk or blog about? Post it. Memes are another great way to engage with your audience, either people in your trade or customers. You can find a great meme generator here.

3 – Create visually aesthetic content

Have you been to the seaside, a lake or a forest? Somewhere that sparks your creativity? Share it. Have you been on holiday as a result of your business? Post it and show how it is relatable. Do you have beautiful photos or videos of your products? Share it. 

4 – Get comfortable making videos

In the first quarter of 2021, it was reported that 70-80% of Instagram content was now video based, and this is only set to rise with the emergence of TikTok. If you can think of a witty way to show off what you do, or just you and your team (even if that means children acting as directors, my daughter is my vice president) then flaunt it!

5 – #hashtag

Across all social media platforms barring communicative ones such as Telegram or Whatsapp, this is essential. Some sites alternatively may refer to this as ‘tags’ or ‘labels’. Each one of these hashtags, makes you appear in what is referred to as a stream. If you search #anything, you’ll see what we mean. The more that you use, the greater the visibility. If you’d like to focus your audience on a particular area, you can also use #towns #cities #countries #continents. 

6 – Link your website in EVERY. SINGLE. POST.

Everytime you link your website to a social media post, you are increasing what is referred to in SEO as integration between your social media and website. It is also a great way to take people perusing your profile on social media into being visitors to your site, which ultimately is where you want them to ‘convert’ into paying customers. It also creates what we refer to as a ’bloc’ within google that combines your overall online presence, improving your overall SEO.

6 – Community

It’s all about community. Sure, the other techniques will get you noticed and build a following, but by commenting and liking other entrepreneurs or pages you enjoy, will demonstrate that you are active and giving back. If you’d like to consistently receive support, give it. The most important factor however is you may meet new friends, business contacts, and a bastion of support and fulfilment by doing so. 

7 – Use SEO friendly keywords 

This does not just apply to websites. You can check out our guides on SEO if you are unfamiliar with it. Most SEO providers will let you search keywords for free, but if you’d like a full list of optimum keywords follow this video. You can gain all of your semantically related keywords there for free. 

8 – Be authentic

Fake it till you make it is okay, but people can smell a rat a mile away. Stick to content that shows your expertise, what you love and enjoy and let that shine through, your confidence will ooze outwards. For example, when people create “graphic designs” using Canva, every actual graphic designer will know, it doesn’t fool us. 

9 – Stay current

You can plan and schedule posts all you like, but you have no idea what could be trending tomorrow let alone in a month. If you notice a trend growing that you can hop on the bandwagon with whilst still being authentic to you, go for it. Obviously this does not apply to events such as world mental health day, remembrance Sunday when you may genuinely have something to contribute or pay your respects. Keep a finger on the pulse. 

10 – Test, test and test again!

A large number of other content creators  will say, “this is the way” – horseshit. There are so many different ways to engage with audiences, some, depending on the time, place, relevance, its nature will go down well. Others will not. Trying and testing is essentially what it means to be human, every scientific experiment or what we understand the universe to be, is a result of trying and testing. If you can remember this, it makes it easier to take it less personally if one idea is a flop.

So there we are! We have a few more blogs on how we’ve achieved the presence, clients and success that Ascendant Content has achieved on the way, but in the meantime if you would like any assistance you can contact us below.

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