THE number one brand of sumptuously soft women’s slippers, Shaffay was formed in 2021 to create a slipper that conveys elegance, style and fashion whilst remaining devilishly comfortable.

Initially we began working together on a technical SEO project to resolve issues over permission rights. In a very short time, we were able to increase the health of the website by 6% on the first round.

SEO Site audit result - Shaffay

With an initial site health of 76%, we were able to find a solution to manage the issue afflicting Shaffay moving forward, resolving as many technical issues so that the website functioned as optimally as possible, which all websites need at the beginning of their marketing journey.

SEO site audit 2 - Shaffay

From there we began promoting the business through a range of mediums, organic social media marketing, paid advertising on social media, SEO and SEO content writing, implementing small website re-design changes, and the creation of email marketing campaigns.

Social Media

Social media ad preview

Since early April we have been developing Shaffay’s brand awareness and customer base by positioning targeted ads at demographics favourable to women who are predisposed to buying slippers. But it didn’t stop there! Whilst Anna, founder of Shaffay directly posts and uploads to her own social media accounts we developed a content strategy designed to help her following grow organically.

Instagram Overview social media

SEO & SEO content writing

The world of women’s fashion is without doubt competitive, so the first step we needed to identify for Shaffay is what the keyword gap was between Shaffay and current page one ranking slipper companies! We also utilised competitive research to see what strategies the page one rivals were using in terms of organic ranking, paid advertisements and paid listing advertisements (PLA’s). From this I was able to craft content to entertain or educate with SEO content writing to increase the access points for website visitors to come into contact with Shaffay. Four months later, we broke onto page one for our selected keywords, overtaking retail giants such as The White Company, Harrod’s, John Lewis and M & S!

SEO page one status Shaffay

Since then we have expanded our SEO projects together, looking to rank for other keywords such as ‘The history of slippers’ which you can see the full effect of in the blog below, as well as a backlink campaign to increase Shaffay’s domain authority. Compared to retail giants who have a domain authority of 50, Shaffay has been growing rapidly since the website launch in September 2021!

SEO Domain authority score Shaffay

Website re-design & Email Marketing

It is important to note here Shaffay already had a sleek, gorgeous design from Bridget Designs but there were a couple of tweaks Shaffay had requested, as digital marketing retainers include changes to websites. The first was editing the theme colour, changing the graphics to be transparent to blend with the new white background, include a meet the founders section and some minor tweaks to other pages such as the blog. You can see the full before and after below, as well as a link to our new partner in Bridget Designs and her beautifully designed websites.

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