How to create an email newsletter that converts 2022

So you’ve probably heard all across digital marketing techniques the importance of creating an email newsletter, and you’re looking for ways to make your newsletter convert. You’ve come to the right place. Here are all the tips you need to create an email newsletter that communicates what your brand does, informs and entertains your readers, and convert them into paying clients. 

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1 – Design a newsletter that your audience wants, or needs to read

The first imperative step is that you understand your audience and the type of content they enjoy or want to see. An easy way to navigate this is to see which of your posts, (if you have posted before) are the highest performing. However this is not necessarily a great indicator of future website traffic without analytics, as you may have inadvertently stumbled across a peak time for your audience. Installing Google Analytics to identify the demographics, interest, retention time and technology used while browsing can all inform your approach to creating content. The interests section can be particularly helpful in identifying why your audience came to your website in the first place. From here, you can begin to create a content strategy of how you are going to deliver content that your newsletter audience wants to see. 

2 – Create subject lines for your newsletters you would want to read 

How many times have you subscribed to a newsletter and found yourself dismayed by the repetitive, mundane content that is constantly published? You need to make your newsletter stand out from the crowd. Entice. Entertain. Educate. Give people a reason to want to read your newsletter. Personalise this with your audience members’ names too, your audience needs to feel that this content has been uniquely tailored with them in mind. 

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3 – Send out bite sized chunks newsletters

Unless someone is looking for a specific answer, retaining their attention for longer than a minute or two is going to be difficult unless you have a flair for content writing. If you don’t, that’s not a problem! Break up your content, engage them long enough that when they reach the end they want to know more, or to see what else they need or want to know. You can do this by…

4 – Include at least 3 CTA’s in your newsletter

You’re obviously interested in creating a newsletter because it’s a way to build and develop your audience, and hopefully turn them into paying clients! Calls to action are how you do it. You can create a variety of buttons, resources, downloadable resources, Youtube links and so much more to get them to connect with you and your brand. Similar to website pages and blog posts, your newsletters should contain at least 3 different CTA’s.

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5 – Automate your newsletter

This depends largely on how you deliver your newsletter. Integration companies such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo offer automated journeys, with customisable trees where emails are sent if certain conditions are met, or days have elapsed with no conversion. You can also apply this to abandoned carts, customers who have already made a purchase or ensure that your audience doesn’t miss a post by scheduling previous content. This is a great way to refresh your articles and ensure you have a steady stream of organic traffic flowing to your webpages. 

6 – Don’t overwhelm your newsletter audience

Many digital marketing companies talk of the need to consistently send out content via your newsletter, which… can work. However whilst having reminders for customers who have items left in their basket that may need a bit more persuasion may work for some, it may also alienate your audience or make them apathetic. You don’t need to send out content every day unless you are that confident that every single newsletter contains something of such value for your readers, that they need to see this immediately. Which is precisely why when you do send out your newsletters, your audience will be more inclined to read it because they know you craft top content.

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