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A natural health products company, Hippie Turtle Herbal Co is a company dedicated to relieving the issues of body, mind and soul with its herbalistic products. With muscle rubs, supplements, nootropic gummies and CBD products, ensuring the website design met the vision of founder and CEO Ashley Heeley was going to have it’s challenges. You can see an overview of the end result of the Website Design above.

Social Media

Initially having been approached to assist with Ad management, Hippie Turtle required the setup, maintenance and running of ads across Meta and Google. However for a company that promotes CBD products, this is no easy task in terms of navigating the waters of Meta and Google’s advertising policies.

At first concentrating on the Google ads, we soon encountered issues surrounding CBD products, whilst not containing the psychoactive element which makes Cannabis a recreational drug being treated as one anyway. We were able to navigate this by creating a separate landing page which was purely informational, but offered the choice to visit the main website if site visitors felt comfortable that their information was legitimate and accurate. Since then, Hippie Turtle had an uptake of 2000 new website visitors from the ad campaigns alone. Once Ash was comfortable running ads by himself under our tutelage, he began running ads with a higher conversion rate and lower CPC. Between this and SEO Hippie Turtle has grown to become a leading brand, and is currently ranking on page one of Google for a number of search terms including ‘Nootroopic gummies’.


Every good on page SEO campaign is built on solid keyword research, so for Hippie Turtle we took a product based approach to keyword research. There are two predominant factors when it comes to selecting the right keywords. The first, is choosing a keyword that is an exact or close match to what you are trying to rank for. The second, is evaluating how difficult it is to rank for a keyword, and building a strategy to outmanoeuvre your rivals to make it to page one of search engines.

Keyword research SEO for Nootropic gummies

The research identified that there was a low percentage of competition for one of their signature products, ‘Mood Gummies’. After this I taught Ash how to utilise keyword density across his website and blogs in order to rank more highly for this. Here are the results!

Mood gummies page one SEO result
SEO software page one result

Capitalising on our success, we proceeded to work on improving the keyword placement position ranking for the rest of his products as well as closely associated searches such as bone and joint relief. Since then, his visibility in search engines and website traffic has increased significantly!

Online visibility SEO display

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