Content writing for an market leader in international trade

As with many clients, I have worked with some huge brands that due to non disclosure agreements I cannot publicly disclose the names of. This particular client was seeking something very sensitive in nature.

Another leading rival in economic development for third world countries had collapsed, and this company was seeking a discreet way to recruit their top talent and their client base without posing any legal challenges on Linked-In Inmail. The issue was, that were these employees to reveal who it was that approached them it could have adverse effects in the media. The leading rival who had become insolvent, had made major news headlines for a few days prior.

When a representative approached me I relished the challenge, and helped to craft a document that could be used that sympathised with the imminent job loss of these top talent employees. Further, I went on to showcase the benefits of my own client, posturing this in such a way that it could not be construed as a recruitment drive, but making them aware that there were vacancies. I also ensured to demonstrate that my client offered significant benefits in addition to the role. 

The draft I created was approved in the first round, and I later received feedback that it was being used to recruit these top talent employees.

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