Creating page 1 content for an international art collective

Operating in Oceania, this art collective specialises in showcasing contemporary art from emerging artists. As some of their artists specialise in textured oil paintings, they wished to answer an informational and commercial search intent for everything you need to know about the Impasto technique in textured oil paintings. If you are unfamiliar with SEO search intent, check out our article of everything you need to know about search intent here. When we initially began discussions, it was evident they knew exactly what they wanted and the keywords to be utilised. This left the only real difficulty in adopting the brand voice and crafting the content, though as I love content writing this was even more enjoyable!

My initial research began by looking at other page 1 ranking sites for the keywords that they provided to establish how much this needed to be as well as by looking at a competitor overview of these websites. From there, I looked at everything you might need to know about Impasto and textured oil paintings, as well as frequently associated questions identified by SEO. This helped me develop the structure of the headings and subheadings so I knew exactly what I needed to write about and begin strategically placing keywords. Knowing what questions I needed to answer, I then looked at similar articles by the client to establish the brand voice and began writing. 

Once the first draft was produced, I took a break to return to this with fresh eyes. The software and extensions I use identify grammatical mistakes or if sentences do not read properly, but I like to make sure myself too. As soon as I was confident that it read flawlessly, I sent this over to the client. The liaison was very happy from the first draft and submitted five star feedback. When it comes to SEO content writing, I like to see how they perform in case I need to go back for edits or further suggestions but within a week, it was ranking on page 1, where it still is today! 

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