Database creation for an international cat food and supplies brand

You can probably make an educated guess which brand this is, but as I honour my non-disclosure agreements I cannot reveal the name. This particular brand is renowned for cat food, litter and litter trays, scoops and cat beds. The brand was looking to create a database for new potential clients based off of their:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Social Media Handles
  • Social Media following

The client required 150 entries from as many cat sanctuaries or charities from the UK who they intended to contact offering more affordable cat supplies in bulk. Although many of the charities can be found as publicly listed information, it became clear that searching by region did not produce as many entries as they had requested. I created a database listing the details they required, with social media handles and following across Facebook and Instagram. 

At first I approached this at a regional/county level to fill out the majority of the database, which took me to around 70-80 entries excluding chains which the cat company had already contacted. I broke this down to local cities and rural locations too where cat sanctuaries may be more prominent. Doing so took me to the requested 150 entries. However not all of the sanctuaries were as focused on their social media presence so I scoured as many localities as possible to provide as much detail as possible to inform their outreach. The project was very positively received and they were delighted with the value offered compared to some of my competitors in Data sourcing!

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