Technical SEO for a prominent B2B Marketer

Through collaboration with a website designer in Kent, I offered SEO services to her clients. This particular client was already ranking quite highly in terms of SEO, and was a prominent B2B marketer with over 5,000 connections on Linked-In. If you are familiar with my retainers, I usually advise that Technical SEO on its own is not enough to rank on page 1, but as this was a very different case I thought it would make for a different case study. The issue for this client was that the Search Console was advising it would not index around 80 of her pages due to redirects. 

One of the issues that internal redirects, including soft 404 and many other issues is that if your page is not indexed, it can affect your domain authority and ability to rank highly in search engines. If you are not familiar with indexing, it is where Google and other search engines decide whether to display a website page or not in search results. Essentially from a quick look at the Search Console, it was apparent the redirects stemmed from too much internal linking to particular pages. An SEO audit confirmed this, so I fixed and redirected the redirects as much as possible, alongside other issues that the Technical SEO audit identified before submitting the pages again for indexing for the Search Console. From there I provided a list of recommendations to the website designer to prevent this from happening on her other clients’ sites. As the client was very au fait with digital marketing and SEO she did not require any further services but since has been back to ask for some tips moving forward.

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