9 reasons why your business needs a blog

If you run a business, you aspire to or you run a website, having a blog is an essential part of your marketing toolkit. The benefits of having a blog are numerous, so let’s evaluate why.

1 – Its free advertising

If you already have a hosting plan with a website development company, or even directly through major Web hosts such as WordPress, Shopify or Wix then you will already have the option built into your plan. The benefits of posting through your website host is that it posts to a whole community of users who also use the same web host, and may just be looking for your product or service. 

2 – It’s an excellent way to build up your email marketing list

Email marketing is one of the most underrated forms of digital marketing. If a user or website visitor really likes your blog, they may decide to subscribe! Once a user has subscribed to your email marketing newsletter or subscription you can offer more related content and automated email campaigns with the chance to persuade them into becoming a paying customer. 

3 – Cut down time 

With the option to post to your social networks, and publish at set dates and times, you can educate or entertain your reading list on your schedule. This can come in especially handy for when you have blocked out weeks, you decide to go on holiday, or you just need a bit of you time. 

4 – Recycle content

If you have a blog covering an issue such as mental health, you can easily give it a refresh and re-publish the blog each year. This can also significantly cut down planned content when planning in advance.

5 – Social networking 

The benefits of being able to re-use your content doesn’t stop with your website! The integrations in the pre-publish checks for your blog give you the option to add snippets of what your article contains, or entices your social media following to give it a read. Remember to create entertaining or educational content, because a blog with no value for its readers, is a blog that won’t get far. By doing this, you can also make great connections with other people in the blogging community which is a great way to network.

6 – It increases your website’s traffic

In SEO, having a blog can create what Ascendant Content refers to as ‘access points.’ The idea is essentially that by writing on a variety of topics, you are maximising the chance that someone will come across your website whilst looking for a service you offer or a topic that you are an expert in. Optimising your blog for SEO can significantly increase your visibility in search results, and as such the amount of access points for potential readers to come across your website. 

7 – You position yourself as an expert

If a website user is scrolling through your website and they want to see a demonstration of your capabilities, a blog is the perfect way to demonstrate how you communicate and ascertain what the level of your expertise is. By doing this, you are also acting as a lighthouse by making other people aware that this is something you’re highly knowledgeable about, meaning the next time they are asked if they know someone who offers your services, they’ll remember you.

8 – Answer your audience’s questions before they ask

By covering a range of topics that mention other blogs that you have covered frequently asked questions with, you’re keeping your audience in one place so they have no need to leave your website. You can do this by thinking about other areas of a topic you would like to explore if you were researching how to do something. Make sure to add categories and tags for an easy user experience! 

9 – It has material benefits!

You can monetise your blog in a number of ways; setting up subscriptions for premium content, featuring advertisements on your website, or even adding sponsored content! By also featuring guest posts, you can increase your domain authority by exchanging backlinks with the people that you guest post with.

Have we convinced you that you need a blog yet? If you require any assistance in creating a blog, creating content for your blog, or advice on what type of blog is for you please contact us below!

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