About us


Ascendant Content formed in 2021 to bring a range of niche expertise under one banner, to innovatively create and re-design content for businesses, individuals and passion projects. Qualified in a range of areas of IT, Social Media and SEO, we deliver robust, impactful solutions to help you transform your online presence to attract converting, paying customers.

Pete Lorimer. SEO. Digital Marketer. Website Designer. Writer. Blogger. Social Media Strategist.

Pete Lorimer: Problem solver. Writer. Website Designer. SEO Specialist. Dad. Social Media Strategist. Geek. Lover of coffee. Experience creator.

Everyone has a story, and half of what I do is helping you tell yours. Not many people can claim years worth of experience in SEO and Social Media, or SEO and content writing which uniquely places Ascendant Content in the market together with our other services in blogs, databases, website design and research projects! I understand that every business is unique, and tailor solutions specifically for the business or individual at hand to help you create value. My background has been very varied, from hospitality and catering, to education, corporate, law, housing and manufacturing which gives me a wealth of expertise that I have been able to unite under one banner, and since has been a huge success! With clients internationally as well as nationally. I can also help you connect to other businesses. Get in touch to see how we can help your story unfold.

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