Blogs are a multifunctional marketing tool that can be used in conjunction with every other form of digital marketing. The act of having them, when fully optimised can add as other search terms for internet users to find you by. You can send them out with email campaigns to reignite interest in your products or services. You can post them as ads (check out how much just one blog we were commissioned to make for Father’s day made below!) You can post them on social media, or just opt to monetise your blog in terms of website advertising. The best part is, you can produce an almost unlimited form of blogs and become an online behemoth.

Blogging really is for nearly every business, however if you are looking to improve any of the following then it is definitely for you:

  • Build upon the number of keywords you are ranking for and can be found by in SEO
  • Create passive income
  • Produce material for Social Media and Email Marketing
  • Position yourself as an authority

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