Courses and Workshops


Digital Marketing

An introduction to SEO (Basics)


We show you to to utilise 6 of the main on and off page SEO techniques to boost your position rankings and improve your website’s health. This can be used in conjunction with lead generation.

The key components include:

-Choosing, researching and implementing your keywords.

-Conducting a site audit, and learning how to intepret this.

-Creating SEO friendly content, and moving up the position rankings.

-Competitor overviews.

-Backlinking and gap linking.

How to get the most out of Social Media


Overlapping with our course on SEO, we also look at what social media is the most effective for you, how to convert interest to visitors and customers on your website. This course includes:

-Techniques to drive visitors from Social Media to your site.

-An overview of which platforms will best support your business.

-Creating your own Ascendant Content.

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