Google Ads

Google Ads, like Facebook Ads, can be split across many different areas of Google and its partner services. This now also includes YouTube! Utilising a heavy emphasis on keywords, there is a lot of crossover with SEO. Where SEO can help you keep your position rankings organically regardless of what is going on in the advertising world, Google Ads can propel your website pages to position one, on page one of search results, sometimes immediately. Please note the length of time for your website pages to rank on page 1 will vary depending on your industry, active competition and desired search terms. Google Ads may be for you if:

  • You have a higher end ad budget
  • You have a wealth of high quality images, videos, blogs or other assets that can be used
  • You’re looking for fast results
  • You’re looking to create predictable and reliable revenue in the long term
  • You’re looking to supplement your SEO or produce results whilst waiting for SEO services to take root

We utilise a range of Google Ad campaigns which are split tested to find what produces you with the lowest cost per click (CPC) and the highest range of conversions. To this end, we may recommend more than one Google Campaign depending on how competitive your industry is. If you do not already have a Google Ads account attached to your website, you may also be eligible for a £1,200.00 free ad spend once you have reached the qualifying threshold.

If you’d like to start a non obligatory conversation about Google Ads, contact us below.