SEO Services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of helping your website appear as highly as possible in search results, so you receive more organic website visitors and as a result, more sales or leads generated.

We offer three major SEO services at Ascendant Content.

The first is National SEO. This refers to a project where we will help your website to rank on Page 1 for search terms your customers are likely to search for your type of business or website.

Second comes Local SEO. Local SEO projects refer to optimising your website, digital profiles and social media to help you appear more visibly in your local area. This can also increase your local footfall as a result.

Lastly we also offer Technical SEO, which ensures that your website is functioning to it’s peak ability to ensure there are no problems which impact your ability to rank highly in search results.

All of our services are tracked using position ranking reports which are available to you to watch how your online visibility and website traffic grows.

If you would like to discuss utilising SEO for your business or enterprise