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Here at Ascendant Content, we want to perfectly capture how you want your website to look, how it will function, whether it will be an ECommerce site to sell your products or a more service or passion project based website. This starts by listening to you, to understand your business and produce the website that your business needs. Unlike many website designers, we can also offer SEO services to help you rank as websites do not automatically reach your customer based. Find out more below.

Innovative functionality, sleek and conceptual design

Do you need a CMS system, no problem! Do you want the latest widgets and plug-ins to have the most up to date payment methods available? We’ve got you.

When contacting us, we normally consult you on a number of factors. It would be helpful prior to our first consultation to you know whether you have, or know what you would desire for the following:

-Visual theme and colour design in mind, brand colours usually cover this.

-A business logo.

-Whether you would prefer an E-Commerce site, blog site, or combination.

-What payment options if any you would like to feature.

-How much you would be able to uphold the website moving forward – We have no hidden fees, and would not wish for you to lose domain ownership after the first year as a result of poor communication.

-Any reviews you have or you would need.

-Whether you would need website copy creating or if you already had this created.

There are a lot more elements to this, but if you had a general overview on this it means we can spend more time capturing your idea and bringing it to life!

Recent projects

Image of Culture arts website design with Wozzob.

Culture Arts

An artist print website design in collaboration with Wozzob.

Shaffay slippers website design preview.


A luxury women’s slipper minor website redesign based on the beautiful original craftwork of Bridget Designs.

Hippie Turtle Herbal Co website. design preview.

Hippie Turtle Herbal Co

A natural health products company website design, produced exclusively by Ascendant Content with in house graphic design from Hippie Turtle Herbal Co.

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