Social Media Marketing

As a business owner, you want to know that you have a predictable and reliable source of income or leads to sustain your business. That’s where our Social Media Marketing comes in.

There are currently 46.58 million Facebook/Meta users, or 68% of users in the UK alone. TikTok has become the number one ranked website on Google, surpassing Google itself. There are currently 20.65 users on Snapchat, 30.01 million users on Linked-In, 23.33 million users on Twitter and 5.01m Pinterest users. With all having an awareness rate of over 90% of the UK, (including YouTube) and over 60% expecting to be able to find a business they are researching on social media. With that being said, can you afford not to be on Social Media?

Whether it’s helping you with setting up accounts on Social Media, full account management or optimisation, or even paid predictable revenue through Google or Meta ads, we’re here to help. Discover content that appeals to your target audience, raise your engagement and transform your Social Media into a profitable tool for your business.