Web Hosting

Hosting your website in the digital world is the equivalent of renting in the physical. As such, you need to ensure that your web hosting is safe, secure, offers fast loading speeds and hopefully, no down time at all. You also need to make sure it’s affordable for your business! That’s where we come in. Some reasons you may wish to consider switching your web hosting service include:

  • Downtime – this is where your website is taken offline as your host is unable to provide sufficient bandwidth or is experiencing power supply issues
  • Poor website page loading time (please note this may also be due to the weight of your website pages, if you’re unsure we are happy to advise)
  • You suspect or have experienced a hacking attempt, which has led to a data breach, legal action or loss of income or funds
  • You’re not getting bang for your buck – think of hosting like an energy bill supplier. Are you getting the most out of what you pay for?
  • You’re looking to refresh your website with a different website designer, and as such are thinking of moving your host to keep everything in one place

In addition to website hosting services, we also offer website migrations. This is the act of moving your website from its current host to our own servers, similar to how you would move house. There are however some website hosts which we do not involve ourselves in, so please message us to check and to discuss the best options available to you.

For data protection and to minimise the risk of hacking attempts on our servers, we keep the details of our hosting service private so you can rest assured knowing you will receive exactly the same level of protection, speed and security as we provide for our own website.

If you’d like to compare your current hosts features with our own, start a non obligatory conversation with us below.